Meet Chelsea

Chelsea comes to the "team" as the professional.  With a BFA in Fashion Design under her belt and an MFA in Fashion Design underway, she knows the ins and outs of sewing, pattern making, fabric coordinating, and anything else to do with the creation of style.  And with a Masters of Education completed, she's also quite the teacher.

Chelsea grew up unafraid to express herself through fashion....whether it be a big flower hat for her 4th grade pictures or a prom dress she designed and created herself, she never made any excuses for what she loved.  If she loved it, she owned it.

Chelsea was quite the student in her mother's sewing room.  She knew early on what she would spend the rest of her life doing.  She is now a lover of Fashion and can appreciate it as both an art and a labor.  She makes many of her own clothes and keeps her niece, Heidi Sage, on the cutting edge of toddler fashion.

Chelsea lives in Dallas with her husband, Brian, and their French Bulldog, Turtle.  She teaches sewing, design, and art classes at several institutions throughout the Dallas area.