The Reason for DHS

Dressing Heidi Sage (DHS) is a place where you can find all kinds of inspiration surrounding children.  The original thought was to teach people how to make the outfits Heidi Sage wears that make people constantly ask, "Where did you get that?"  However, as inspiration often does in this blossomed.

Since Heidi Sage does have an older brother, Clinton, and a younger brother, Rex, it would only be fair to include things for them as well.

Deborah, as the grandmother to these three darlings, finds herself buried in a number of projects for the kids from outfits to bags to dress-up clothes.  If there is a sewing machine involved, she's likely capable of the task.

Chelsea, as the aunt of these three and a Dallas-based fashion designer, finds herself instantly drawn to the fashion stylings of Heidi Sage but manages to toss the boys some darling duds as well.

Courtney, as the mother of these three and no finished sewing projects to her name, focuses on crafts, cooking and other hands-on projects for the kids.  However, with a sewing machine hiding in her closet, she's determined that she, too, can sew.  We shall see.

We hope you find our tutorials helpful and look forward to hearing about your finished projects!

Deborah, Courtney and Chelsea Rose