Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Dress

So yesterday we staked our claim as a low volume blog.  And then today we've got another post up.  This is because it is time sensitive.  It's Halloween adorableness and we wanted to get it passed along.

Found this pattern at City Craft.  It is modkid sewing patterns by Patty Young,  The pattern has great directions and how to pictures, so this post is less of an actual tutorial...and more of a "Look What I Did."  :-)

My mom (known to Courtney and Chelsea as Grammy) and I made this dress together at her house.  We dug thru her cabinets of fabric and found some good Halloween options.  I should mention she has years and years and years worth of saved fabrics.  Options are plentiful.  We used the pumpkins for the top and 2 of the panels of the skirt.

To make the skirt the pattern calls for 6 strips of fabric 9" wide X 14" long.  I decide to use 8 strips cut smaller...if you're a beginner, you might just want to stick to the pattern.

This is the skirt sewed together.  We used 2 types of pumpkin fabrics and two black and white prints.  If you're looking at it wondering how this is going to end up cute...just wait for it.  It all comes together.

We sewed the shoulder seams together.

Next we added the sleeves.  These sleeves are so adorable on little girls.

Bias trim around the neck.  This is left over from the pink dress, but we had enough and it looked great with what we were doing.

Attach the skirt to the top.

Add bias trim to sleeve.

Bias trim for the bottom of the dress.

Make the obi (belt).  The pattern has very good instructions for this.  We didn't have ribbon for the ends so we used fabric.

Dress is ready to send to Heidi Sage to wear for the month of October.

And she looks adorable.  And, yes, we're totally biased...but certain your little sassy britches will look just as cute.

Love my lil' "punkin",

Somewhat Simple