Sunday, October 31, 2010

Penguin Felt Applique

Halloween is over, and we here at DHS will be starting our winter/Christmas activities now!!  Don't worry, we're not completely passing over Thanksgiving, BUT there will be lots of Christmas-themed posts from now until December 25th....there are just too many things to go over...and we want to give you plenty of time to get your projects done.

Our first Winter tutorial is the Penguin Felt Applique.  Clinton and Heidi Sage had these last year.  Clinton's still fits, so I went ahead and made Heidi Sage and Baby #3 new ones to coordinate.  The Penguin is a great craft because it can be worn through December and January!

These shirts/onesie were done with felt applique.  Felt Applique is very simple.  I have found this washable felt at Michael's and Joann's.  It is called eco-fi (polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles).  I found it mixed in with the other other felt so you have to look for the eco-fi sticker.  It took lots of digging.  BUT it's important to look for this particular type of felt....BECAUSE IT IS WASHABLE!  :-)

Courtney found this Peguin online and I printed it out and cut it apart to make my pattern. 

Here is the pattern you can "Save" to your computer and enlarge as necessary.  If it would be easier for you, we can also email you the pattern in a jpeg file.  Just email us at and put "Penguin Pattern" in the subject line.

Next, you want to iron on the Wonder Under to your three colors of felt--black, white, and orange.

Next, the patterns should be traced onto the corresponding colors.  The beak and feet are orange. The background body is white.  And the foreground body and wings are black.

Cut out the pieces.

Then peel the paper off of the back.  Iron the black body on top of the white body.  Stitch around the eyes and the tummy.

I used a loose zig zag that looks like this.

Next, iron on the beak and stitch around it.

The first thing that will go onto the actual garment are the feet.  Iron them down and then stitch around them.

Next place the penguin body to the onesies overlapping the top of the feet and iron.  Stitch around the black before adding the wings.

Iron the wings on and stitch.

Add some button eyes and you have this cute little Penguin Shirt.

To make Heidi Sage's a little more girlie, I added a bow.  

Take 5 inches of ribbon.

Make the ribbon into a circle and sew it in the center.

Now the Penguin has some sass.

Heidi Sage's outfits usually come with a coordinating bow for her head.  I found this flocked tulle at Hobby Lobby.  I used the large bow measurements for the black flocked tulle and the medium bow measurements for the green dot.  After making both bows I stacked one of top of the other.  (Bow measurements can be found here.)

Just waiting on Baby #3 to get here so we can wear them.  

Clinton can still wear his from last year so we are ready for the Holidays.  (Not a great pic, but at least it shows Clinton's shirt...and camo boots!?!)

We found out last year that after washing the felt appliques they ball up a little so I bought a fabric shaver at Joann's.  Shave the felt a little and it looks like new. 

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Shayna @ Texas Monkey

OMG this is just too cute for words! I love it and would love to have you show it off at the All About You Monday link up. Hope to see you there.


Sooooo cute! I love penguins!

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the 30 girl

Oh these are adorable! I love making felt applique! Thanks for sharing these!

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Too Cute! I just may have to make this for my little boy and little girl too! Thank you fo sharing!!!


I love it! Thank you!