Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Halloween Applique Ideas

My children have been blessed with some REALLY cute Halloween outfits over the past two years.  While I don't have tutorials for most of these, they may provide some great inspiration for those of you who already know how to applique.  Just a few ideas to get you running...

Last year's cat shirts.  Clinton's was big enough he's been able to wear it this year, too!  (Created by Deborah)

Cute little punkin'.  (Created by Deborah)

A really cool mummy shirt, for a really cool guy.  Chelsea will provide a tutorial for this.  (Created by Chelsea)

This is Heidi Sage's candy corn outfit from last year.  She loved sporting it with her sparkly shoes and tutu.  (Created by Deborah) 
This year's candy corn outfit is pretty stinkin' cute as well...but doesn't she look so grown up?  And yes, she's soak and wet...the kids discovered the sprinklers watering our fall grass seed.  Oopsie.  (Created by Deborah)

Applique happy!

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