Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beach Bubbles

For Spring Break I went with Courtney and her family to Destin.  Courtney had found some vintage-styled boutique swimsuits she loved that she wanted to buy for Heidi Sage for the trip, but at $70 each, she had to show some self-restraint.  And don't be took me and Chelsea to talk her out of it...more than once.  As her father will tell you, "She's a hard head."

In an effort to keep her on track, I came up with an idea for something I could make for Heidi Sage that would give us the same effect...without an uproar from Courtney's "Budget Committee"...aka Rodney.  :-)

I bought this pattern years ago and never used it for my girls so I am using it for Heidi Sage.

I thought this would be the perfect pattern to use to make HS some beach attire.  The fabric was from one of Chelsea's projects and she gave me the left overs.

The fabric for this outfit was scraps from an outfit I made for Julianne when she was little.  I hope Julianne doesn't mind that I used her scraps.  Julianne is a special friend to our family. When she was a little girl Chelsea and I would make her Halloween Costumes every year  and we also made her dress up clothes.  As well as some other outfits.  When I was sewing for Julianne the girls were in high and college and no longer needing me to make them outfits.  Courtney was always worried that I would run out of ideas before she had her children....looks like she was wrong.  Just sayin'.

In this photo HS's big brother Clinton digging in a big sand hole.

Since you probably can't buy the first pattern (shown above) I used these two patterns and got the same results. For the bloomers I used Simplicity 9784 and I shortened the Poppy Patterns dress into a short top.

Feelin' Bubbly,

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Very cute outfit! Adorable!


Kristen @ Who's Watching the Baby?

Oh man, that is REALLY cute! Wish I had a tiny girl to make it for! Would look a little obscene on my 6YO. :-(


Very cute! I love the fabrics you used and they look too cute on your little girl!


I love the green version! What a great outfit for a day at the beach! I'm hosting a toddler linky party and think my readers would love this project. I hope you stop by and link up!