Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Egg Grams

The other day I saw an update on my FB page from a blog I like to check out from time to time.  They were featuring THIS blog and their idea of what I like to call Egg Grams.

Seeing as I'm a mother of young children with an endless supply of craft items and a small Target addiction, I had all the supplies I needed...except the stamps.

We had a big bag of Skittles, some small pill ziploc bags, stickers, a few hair clips for some of the girl eggs, and some pink paper for little notes.

We packaged up the skittles, put together a few stickers, folded up our notes, and put our little packages together.

Once the eggs were packed, I taped around the seams with Scotch tape.  I made small address labels to put on the egg out of white sticker labels.  And I adhered a 98 cent stamp and a Forever stamp for shipping.

Clinton dropped them in the big blue mail box at the Post Office.

He thought it was awesome.

Once we got home, he decided he also wanted to send some to his Bebe and Hop (my parents).  He picked out special items for their eggs.  Hop got Skittles and a Matchbox race car out of his highly coveted car collection.  Bebe got Strawberry Shortcake stickers and a Dora Matchbox Jeep.  Clinton's been trying to get rid of that "girl" car ever since it found its way into our house.  :-)  I put extra postage on those...hopefully they'll make it!

Feel free to check out the original post I found to see more ideas of things you could put in your eggs.

Hoppy Mailings,

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