Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Cute Little Monster for my Favorite BIG Guy!

This little monster will be perfect for the little monster in your life.
For this project you will need:
1.  Wonder-Under
2.  Knit Fabric
3.  Sew-On Googley Eyes
4.  Matching Thread
5.  Embroidery Floss
6.  A T-Shirt or Onesie

I started by ironing the Wonder-Under to the back side of my knit fabric.  This is the fabric that I will use to make the main body of the monster, I chose yellow.  You will also do this for the other colors of knit that will be used for embellishing the monster.
 Then I drew my design on the paper side of the Wonder-Under.  You can see that it took me a few tries to get the design I wanted.
 After I cut out the monster I laid the sew-on eyes down to check that the size.
 I peeled the paper off of the back side of the monster and ironed the monster silhouette onto the t-shirt.
 I then added a black oval.  I used Wonder-Under on the back of the oval just as I had done on the yellow monster silhouette.
 I then added some white, scary teeth.  I ironed them on using the Wonder-Under method mentioned above. 
 I then sewed around the edges of each color using matching thread.
 I sewed on the googley eyes.  My little monster is starting to take shape, but it still needs something more.
 I decided he needed some spots, so I iron on some blue knit.  I had to remove the eye, add the knit, and then sew the eye back onto the shirt.
 I sewed around the edges of the blue knit with green embroidery floss to give it a little character.
 I decided to sew on each spot a little differently.
 A finished monster! Clinton will be getting this for Christmas and I'm sure he'll be ready to scare his friends!
Don't forget monsters are cute for girls too.  Make the monster pink and purple, give it a hairbow, and maybe some sparkles, and your sweet little lady will be prepared to scare!

**And if you're wanting to make a monster on a smaller scale, like a onesie, don't forget about our stencil tutorial.  This way your big guy and your little guy and have coordinating shirts!**


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