Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kitchen Towel Apron

Sometimes a little girl needs just the right accessories for playtime.  And sometimes it's as easy as picking up a really cute kitchen towel to make it happen.  Take for example this really cute apron Heidi Sage is getting for Christmas to go with her play kitchen.  It's a cinch...

Items Needed:
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Bias Tape
  • Thread
  • Elastic
I found this towel at Target last spring.  As soon as I saw this I had the idea I could make Heidi Sage an Apron.  However, I am just now getting it done.  Her mother likes everything to match and coordinate.  Heidi Sage's room is painted "Vintage Map" from Martha's color line and all the accessories are red and white, including her play kitchen.  This towel is very similar to "Vintage Map" and the cherry was red.  This also had some pink, but what girl doesn't have a touch of pink here and there?

One of the things that makes this project easier is the fact that the really cute cupcake applique was already done.  Keep your eye out at Target...they have a slew cyclical items in their towels, so things will change frequently.  You should be able to find something you love sooner or later...hopefully sooner.

One thing to note--Heidi Sage wears 18m clothing.  This apron is going to hit her at about her knees, which is long for an apron.  So, this would work for bigger kids as well.  Clinton wears a 5T and would also be able to wear this...but it will probably sit at his hips.  Aprons come in all different styles and lengths, so either fit is appropriate.

First, cut the bottom section off to make a pocket for the Apron.

This piece will be stitched to the bottom to form the pocket.

Next, pin a section to be the arm hole indention.  Remember this is not a fitted garment like a shirt, so the arm hole is not a precise measurement.  Once the arm holes are pinned, cut this section out on both sides.

Sew the bias tape to the top edge of the pocket.

Next, attach the bottom of the pocket piece to the bottom of the Apron.  After attached, the pocket piece will fold up to form the pocket and the seam will be on the inside of the pocket.

Next, fold the raw ends of the bias tape to the inside of the pocket and top stitch down each side to close the sides of the pocket.  You can also divide the pocket into three sections and stitched down the lines to make one large pocket into three smaller pockets, as I did.

On the top of the Apron, fold the edge down to form a casing large enough to run 3/4" elastic thru the top.  Stitch the casing down.

The elastic will help make the top smaller so it will not be to wide for Heidi Sage's chest.  To do this, gather the fabric in across the elastic to make it smaller...remember, Heidi Sage still wears 18m clothing.  A bigger kid may not need the gathered top.  

Next, trim the edges with bias tape.  (I made my own bias tape but you can use store bought bias tape also.)  Here is the finished Apron.

I'm hoping Heidi Sage's reaction will be a good one.  When her brother gets gifts that are clothes (or at least look like them), he reacts with, "Awww, yuck!"

Hoping I get invited to Heidi Sage's next tea party,

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