Thursday, March 17, 2011

Head Band with Bow may have noticed Heidi Sage hasn't gone a day in her life without a bow.  Seriously.  Ever.

And maybe you're thinking, but my baby doesn't have do I get her to wear a bow?  That's where the magic of a headband comes in.  And with just the right adjustment, a headband can be made for interchangeable bows.

Sometimes I can't find headbands small enough for a baby head so I will purchase a regular headband and make it smaller.  I cut the headband at the seam.

Cut off the extra based on the baby's head measurement.

On this one I decided to add a name.  When adding a name you will want to move the seam from the center to the edge, creating a flat front and back. This one was for my great-niece, Canyon.

When sewing the headband back together I make the seam to the outside.

Then I lay the seam flat, pull the outer edges together on the outside of the headband, and hand stitch together.

This makes a place to insert a hair clip/hair bow.

I made a hair bow to match the headband.  I used my bear to do the modeling because Canyon was not available. 

And it's really great for the church nursery or preschool....because their name is literally written on their head!  Ha!

I Heart Headbands,

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Becky Phillips

This is really cute. Too bad you didn't think of it 29 years ago, when you used Karo Syrup to put bows in Courtney's hair.