Monday, March 7, 2011

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I love working with knits! It's completely different than working with wovens, and to be honest, it's a little scary until you have some experience.  This is because you use completely different methods with knits than with wovens.  I just got interested in working in knit about a year ago and now I'm in the middle of creating my MFA thesis show, which is ALL knit garments.  Sometimes, though, I need a break from the complexity of what I do for professional work and I make things for little Miss Heidi Sage.  I found these cute knits and made her some adorable little dresses to wear with her leggings.  Heidi Sage really likes animals, so she has a good time telling people about the little birdies on these dresses.

For the dress I used the Go To Dress pattern from Andrea at The Train to Crazy.  You should check her out, she has great ideas and some free patterns!  While I didn't use the pattern exactly as she created it, I did start with her pattern and wanted to give her credit for her great idea.

This dress is very similar to Andrea's pattern, I simply removed the empire elastic casing and added a cute little pocket for Heidi Sage to carry around her treasures.

On this dress I also started with Andrea's pattern but I eliminated the gathers at the neckline to make the dress more fitted.  I also eliminated the shoulder ruffle and added contrast bands at the sleeve opening and the hem.  I also added a little kangaroo patch pocket.

I really like making kids clothes because you can get really cute results without reinventing the wheel.  I typically don't take the time to create complete new patterns for kids, I simply start with a stock pattern and make some simple modifications to get a new look!  Make sure you check out Andrea at The Train to Crazy and get your own copy of the Go To Dress pattern.

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Very cute! Love them!
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Very cute!!! I love that fabric and your little one is a doll! :)

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