Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lady Bug Onesie and Flower Onesie

You'll probably be shocked to find out that I actually made a girl outfit (or four) that are NOT for Heidi Sage.  Gasp...I know!  These little numbers were for my newest great-nieces, Canyon and Emery.  

I started with these onesies I found at Wal-mart.  On the pink onesies I put flowers and on the purple onesies I used a ladybug.

To make the ladybug it takes alot of circles and ovals.  I traced my circles and ovals.

Cut out my pieces.

I started with the center of the body first.  Ironed it to the onesies and stitched it down.

Ironed on all the dots and stitched them on by hand with embroidery thread.

Ironed the wings down and stitched around them.

Then I added the head.

Stitched on some antennas with embroidery thread.  Added some pants.

Next I did the pink onesies.  I gathered my supplies; pattern, knit fabric, wonder under and thread.

Traced my pattern and cut out my pieces.

Next I ironed on the leaf and stitched around the outside.

Ironed on the center of the flower and stitched it down before ironing the flower to the onesies.  After ironing the flower down it stitched around the flower.

Bought some matching pants.

Hope Heidi Sage isn't jealous,

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SO stinkin' cute! I'm bookmarking this project and hoping to make it SOON!