Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boys' Outfits

I know it probably seems like Heidi Sage is always decked out in the latest and greatest and the boys get the short end.  Not to worry, they're not completely left out....I'm not saying things are even...but they're not left out.  :-D

We have been cleaning out my mother-in-law's house and I have found several treasures.  In a box of her sewing items I found 2 demin iron on patches with a bullrider. I decided since my husband Clint was a bull rider, she probably had bought those for me when I was pregnant thinking that we might have a boy...but that didn't happen.  We didn't even get a Tom-Boy.  We got two prissy britches....that we dearly love.  Anyway...

Not wanting them to go to waste, I decided to use them for my grandsons, Clinton and Rex.

I ironed each patch on a shirt and used a close zig zag stitch around the outside.  Super simple.  I know you can by these types of patches at your local fabric/crafts stores.  Rex got his sewn on a white onesie.  

Clinton got his sewn onto a red shirt down in the bottom corner...since he refuses to tuck in anything!  Found the demin shorts at Target.

I also decided to try Chelsea's freezer paper idea to make Clinton a shirt.  Clinton loves the Texas Longhorns (which I'm sure has nothing to do with his mother brainwashing him),  so I traced a longhorn onto my freezer paper and cut out my design.  With the shiny side down I ironed it to the shirt and got out my fabric paint.  When using a dark shirt you should also use a dark paint.

I had a few problems but seem to make it work anyway.   Note to self-- If using a paint brush to apply your paint you should never spread the paint from the inside toward your pattern edges because the paint will seep under the edges.  Always paint in!  I found the camo shorts at Target.

Crazy 'bout our boys,

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