Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretty In Paisley

When Heidi Sage turned 2 a few weeks ago I knew the perfect gift for her was some cute new outfits.  Even at 2, she already loves clothes.  Some may say we've created a monster, but I think she's pretty cute!  This paisley dress was one of the outfits she received in her birthday package from me (Aunt Zsazsie) and Uncle Brian.

I bought the paisley fabric a long time ago and I cut out a dress for me that I never ended up sewing.  I then gave the leftover fabric to my mom and she made Courtney a skirt.  I came across my unfinished dress and decided to make something for Heidi Sage.  I had to use the skirt portion of my unfinished dress to cut out the main part of the dress.  I then found some red contrast fabric and also used the leftover pink contrast fabric used for the dog outfits

For the dress I used Butterick 3477.  I shortened the dress and added an additional band at the bottom to display both of my contrast fabrics

Her outfit is completed with her cute hair flower.  It got a little out of hand when I was making it, and it became more of a hat than a bow:)  But after a Royal Wedding Weekend, I'm ready to bring hats back anyway...or should I say "fascinator"?

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