Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Ride-On Birthday Party

If you're like me with lots of little ones in tow, then there's a good chance you've seen your fair share of birthday parties.  And if you're like me with several of those parties to throw yourself, then you know they can get expensive....FAST!

Last fall Clinton's friends, Charlotte and Schaefer, had their 3rd Birthday and invited us for the celebration.  Their mother threw the cutest party and my kids LOVED it.

The idea is that everyone brings their own ride on toy, as indicated on the invitation; and the kids spend the whole party just riding around.  And do you know what two hours of outdoor busyness equates to....A NAP!  Best.  Party.  EVER!  :-D

First things first, a circle drive works best.  This one was at one of our local country clubs.

Next, is setting up little stations for the kids to stop at...

Here was a bucket of toy tools.  The kids loved stopping to fix their bikes!

Here there were streamers and ribbons for the kids to decorate the rides with.

Another idea for a station is a car wash.  I think there are two ways you could go here.  Simple--grab 10 or so spray bottles at the dollar store, fill them water, and set them out with rags for the kids to wash their rides.  A little more difficult-- build an archway out of PVC with some blue fabric streamers hanging down.  Accompany it with a bubble machine and the kids will feel like they're riding through a car wash!

Any other ideas you have add to our comment section....we'd love to hear them!

There were also a few road signs along the way...

 My kids truly had a blast!  The best part was there's no activity planning, or schedule to keep, or worrying if this kid or that wants to play this game or that.  Everyone brings what they like to ride on....and they ride!

After lots and lots of riding around, we went into the club house for some cupcakes and milk.  Heidi Sage had no problems partaking in this particular activity.

In addition to the above mentioned ideas, all you need are some balloons and bottles of water for your guests (it can get pretty toasty in the really warm months...hydration is good!).

I love this idea because you can make it as simple or overboard as you want, it can be very budget friendly, and it keeps the kids busy....and makes them tired.  If only I had a warm-weather birthday baby...sigh.

I'll be keeping my eye out for other awesome birthday party ideas as we make our way from party to party this year.

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing because I am totally going to do this.