Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"HO HO HO" Knit Applique

Knit Applique is just as easy as Felt Applique.  Knit does not ravel so you can use a loose zig zag stitch to attach your applique.  

Chelsea made Heidi Sage a Jumper from this fabric so I made the other two coordinating shirts.  My job was to applique "HO HO HO" on the shirts.  So I made my pattern and Chelsea mailed me the fabric.

I made two different sizes of letters for my patterns.  Remember that when working with different size garments, it's important to resize applique patterns accordingly.  Baby #3's was done on a 0-3 month onesie, while Clinton's was done on a Youth S shirt.

Iron Wonder Under to your fabric.  Remember, the rough side faces down and the slick side faces up.  Once the Wonder Under was ironed down, I traced my patterns and cut them out.

Iron your letters on.

On the smaller shirt I could not get all three to fit on the front so I put one on the front and two on back.

Use your loose zig zag stitch to attach your appliques to your shirt.

These shirts are ready to go and super simple.  

I also made Heidi Sage a bow to match her Jumper.

Chelsea made this Jumper for Heidi Sage to coordinate with the boys.  This particular pattern is a rather difficult design, so there is no tutorial.  However, for a simple way to make a coordinating outfit you could use the Rectangle Skirt Tutorial or a simple jumper you've made before.  Chelsea also made Baby #3 some comfy pants out of the knit, Clinton will probably be wearing his beloved blue jeans or cords.

Feeling Holly-Jolly,

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