Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reindeer Christmas Shirts

This is another felt applique project.  Remember you need to purchase eco-fi felt (polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) as mentioned in this post.

Supplies Needed:
Brown Felt
Tan Felt
Red Felt
Black Felt
Simple Reindeer Pattern (See our pattern below)
Wonder Under
Thread to match felt
Google Eyes
Tee Shirt

Iron wonder under to your felt squares.  The rough side of the Wonder Under faces down.

Next trace your pattern to the wonder under and cut out your pieces.  Make sure your pattern is adjusted to the size of your shirt.  I made shirts this year for both Heidi Sage and Baby #3.  I had to adjust the pattern to fit each of their shirts proportionally.  

I try to applique as many pieces together as possible before attaching to the garment.  

Remove paper from the back side of each piece before ironing. I leave the paper on the back of the head until I am ready to iron it to the shirt.  I ironed on the tongue first and used a loose zig zag to attach the tongue.

Next I attached the tan part of his snout, ironed it down, and then used the zig zag stitch to attach.

On the top part of his snout you can use black or red for the nose.  (We decided on red for Heidi Sage and black for the boys...we're hoping this doesn't cause a family riot!)  Just iron on and sew.

Now we are ready to start attaching to the shirt.  Place the horns on first and lay them to fit your shirt.  Then you are ready to iron and stitch down.

Now we are ready to iron the reindeer head to the shirt.  Remove the paper from the back of the reindeer head and place it to your shirt.   After you get it centered with the horns iron in place.  Below you can see Baby #3's.

And here is Heidi Sage's.  Chelsea and I both bought this same shirt for HS, but made completely different outfits from it.  (You can see Chelsea's other outfit here.)

Next you will stitch around the head and attach your google eyes.  You now have a cute reindeer shirt for a little boy or girl.  Found the fleece pants at Target to complete Baby #3's ensemble.

I wanted to make Heidi Sage a matching Hair Bow but all my ribbon had white and not cream so I dyed it in some tea.  Yes, we can be psycho like that, but details matter and it made it the perfect color.

After dying my ribbon I made Heidi Sage a Hair Bow.

I found some ivory socks at GYMBOREE and added a Reindeer Button to each sock.

I made a skirt from Chelsea's Rectangle Skirt Pattern to complete the outfit.

Clinton's shirt from last year still fits, so he will also coordinate.  As you can see, you don't always have to use white, green or red.  His blue shirt is pretty cute.  And Heidi Sage's reindeer outfit last year was a red ticking jumper...ADORABLE!  So, don't limit yourself just to t-shirts and onesies...branch out and get creative!

Clinton loved his reindeer shirt last year and has already been asking his mother to let him wear it this year.  It really makes a fun festive outfit for the holiday season.

You know, these are so cute we may just have to have another giveaway...

Click on this to view larger.  You should be able to save as a jpeg file, insert into a word document, and resize as necessary.

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