Thursday, February 3, 2011

OPP: Pirate Cupcakes

Operation Pirate Party (OPP) is in full swing and I'm up to my neck in pirate projects.  You may have seen on our FaceBook wall yesterday that I even had my sewing machine out!  Gasp.

Anyhow, today is the day that Clinton celebrates his birthday at school with his friends.  The parents are asked to bring in a treat.  Since we are all about pirates at the moment, I made pirate cupcakes.

These are not an original idea.  I found them on another blog, and I believe when it's cute it's reason to go reinventing the wheel.

So, for the full tutorial go visit Scissors and Spatulas and see how she made these adorable treats.

They truly are SOOOOOOO EASY.  The only step that I did different was how the white icing was applied.  I don't have that fancy dispenser she has, so I just glopped some in a plastic sandwich bag and cut a teeny tiny hole in the corner and squeezed.  Just a little something Martha taught me how to do...

Off to find me treasure,

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They look great! Thanks for sending visitors my way. :) I've been meaning to blog the whole party, just haven't gotten around to it. Let me know if you would like any more ideas.


love those!