Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steelers Jacket for Turtle

This is Turtle my granddog.  He belongs to Chelsea and Brian.  Turtle's dad is a Steelers Fan.

This is Turtle's dad.  He's one proud Poppa!

Brian was less than enthused with the Steeler spirit in our house.  So he sent Clint and I "The Terrible Towel" to use when cheering for the Steelers.  I decided that Clint did not need his towel, so I thought it would be fun to make Turtle a jacket out of it to wear during the Super Bowl.

I went to my pattern drawer to find a pattern.  They make all different styles and sizes for just about any dog.  I used the Simplicity "Sewing Patterns for Dummies".  I had used this pattern for Turtle last year (as seen in the picture above) and I had already altered the pattern to fit his body.

I used some black fleece for the lining.

I centered the pattern over the wording for the jacket part and used the bottom section for the belly belt.

After cutting the fleece and the towel I laid the pieces on top of each other.

I made some bias tape.  (Read THIS post to see how to make your own bias can also buy pre-made.)

Sewed the bias tape all around the outside of the jacket.

Next I sewed the belly belt tabs together.

Trimmed the corners and turned them inside out.

Sew the belly belt tabs to the side.

Added some velcro as a fastening device.  Now Turtle has the perfect Jacket for Game Day.  Go Steelers!!

Look how cute Turtle looks in his Jacket.  He's ready to cheer the Steelers to victory!

After the photo shoot Chelsea found Turtle sleeping in the pillows, his favorite place to hide:)

Steelers fan?

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