Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Shirt

Valentine's is just around the corner and I've been working overtime to get this little number put together for Heidi Sage.  

I used knit appliques on the shirt.  To start, you'll want to have several different colors of knit and you'll need an array of heart patterns.  You can find these online or you can also use cookie cutters for patterns.

Iron your Wonder Under to your fabric.  Remember the rough side faces your fabric.

Trace your patterns onto the Wonder Under.

Cut out your hearts and peel the paper off the back of the hearts.  Be sure when peeling the paper from the back that the sticky part of the wonder under stays on your cut outs.

Lay your hearts out to make your design and start ironing on your hearts.  On the over lapping hearts I just iron enough to make the cut out stick.  On the top red heart I ironed it after sewing on the white hearts.  

When sewing the appliques down I use a lose zig zag and do the stitching close to the edges.  This make the edges look scalloped.

This is a phone picture. Sorry.  I laid out some stones for some sparkle.  Heidi Sage loves sparkles.

Next we need a hair bow.  First I made a black bow.  Then I traced some small hearts out of the knit fabric.

After peeling the paper from the back of the hearts I  ironed the hearts together.  I put paper on each side because my hearts did not line up perfectly and I did not want them to stick to the iron or the ironing board.  Then I trimmed the edges.

I sewed the edges with a zig zag.  Added some sparkles.  Decided not to use the white heart.

I sewed the hearts together.  I cut a 5" X 12" piece of tulle and gathered down the center.  I cut some pink satin ribbon 7" long and stitched them to together in the center.

I stacked them them together and glued them to a hair clip.

Heidi Sage is ready for Valentine's...but I wonder if she has one.  I'm sure her Daddy might have something to say about that...

I {Heart} Hearts,

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So cute! I love it!

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I hope Heidi loves wearing her shirt! It's so cute! Please add this to my weekly linky party every Wednesday (it's still up today!)