Monday, January 17, 2011

Monsters Are For Girls TOO!

I've been trying to get caught up on baby gifts and I'm almost there. There were a crop of adorable baby girls born in November and December and I thought they needed some cute onesies and bows to get them started!

Miss Emery Rose got these cute little onesies and matching bows.  I found the knit pants at Target then whipped up some hairbows and made some onesies to match!

I know Emery is going to be a little monster if she acts anything like her momma, and I hope she does :)  That's right, monsters are for girls too, all they need is a little hairbow.

Emery's mom loves orange so I had to work that into her reverse applique heart onesie.

Miss Canyon got these cute little onesies and hairbows! I know that Canyon's mom appreciates a BIG hairbow, so I did my best!

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These look great! I'm a sucker for a cute monster!



You did such a good job! These are amazing!

Brooke Douglass

awww those are awesome!!! Did you freezer stencil some of those?? I love the reversable appliques, is there a tutorial for those? I am your newest follower hope you come check my blog out! brooke
Girl Boy Girl Inspired


So cute! I love that you made monsters girlie. Great idea!



Love theses! I just happen to be at my favorite shopping place at lunch today and found the cute tan/polka dot and pink pant 2-pack on clearance for $1.97! I picked up several for friends having girls this year.



chelsea rose

Thanks for the sweet comments! Brooke, yes they are freezer paper stenciled....I love that method, it's SO easy! Follow the link for a tutorial on reverse applique check out the Gingerbread Shirt Tutorial.