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Ruffle Pants and Top

Heidi Sage and the boys had a whole Christmas wardrobe this year.  This particular outfit was in Heidi Sage's line up; however, the only thing Christmas-y about it was the fabric.  SO, that means you could use any adorable fabric to make this outfit for your little cutie...maybe something she could wear longer than a month.

I found the onsie at Dillard's and ordered the fabric online last year.

I used a very simple straight jumper pattern for the top and looked through my patterns for a simple pants pattern.  The jumper was a little short for Heidi Sage so I had to lengthen the pattern just a little.

I cut the Jumper lining out on plain white fabric.

When cutting out the pants I measured Heidi Sage from the waist to the floor and then shortened the pattern so I could add a ruffle on the bottom of the pants.

I cut the ruffle 2 times the width of the bottom of the pants.  This ruffle is 4 inches before hemming and gathering stitches.

I also cut some bias strips for some additional decorations.

And made them into bias tape.

I sewed the front and back of the pants together and also the outside side seams. 

Next, I hemmed the bottom of the ruffle then added the ruffle to the bottom.  

Next, I added the bias tape above the ruffle and then sewed up the inside seam of the pant leg.  

I sewed a casing at the top of the pant and added the elastic, finishing up the pants.

Now the Jumper Top.  I pinned the front and back of the jumper together and sewed the SIDE seams together.  I did the same step for the lining except I left a 4 to 5 inch opening on one side of the lining.  This is to be used for turning the jumper.  At this time I ironed the side seams open so they were good and flat.

With right sides of fabric continuing to face each other, I opened the top with the lining fabric, pulled it over the pretty fabric top, and sewed together the TOP seams of the jumper.  After sewing around the neck, shoulder straps and arm holes, I trimmed away the extra fabric and clipped the neck so when I turned the pieces they would lay flat. 

After turning I pressed the top.

Once the top of the jumper is turned and pressed you need to sew the hem.  This step is tricky and it looks like it's not going to work out, but it does.  Start with the jumper pressed and laid out as in the above picture.  In the above picture the printed fabric and the lining fabric are laying wrong side to wrong side.  In order to sew the hem with no raw edges you need to match the right side of the printed fabric to the right side of the lining fabric.  To do this you must work through the 4-5" slit that you left on the side seam of the lining.  Reaching through the slit you will match the right side of the printed fabric to the right side of the lining a little bit at a time and pin.  You need to make sure when you are pinning that your side seams are matched up so that the hem will be straight.  The below picture shows part of the hem pinned.  You need to work bit by bit until the entire hem is pinned as the next picture shows.

Once you have pinned the whole hem you will sew a 5/8" seam around the bottom.  Like with the pinning, you will work slowly and sew a 5/8" seam around the bottom.  You may have to scooch and scrunch fabric to get the part you are sewing to lay flat on the sewing machine.  Make sure when you're scooching and scrunching fabric that you have the sewing maching needle in the down position (through the fabric) so that it doesn't break your line of stitches.  Once you have sewed around the enitre bottom, remove pins and turn jumper right side out through the side seam hole.  When you are turning the jumper inside out be patient and work a little bit at a time so that you don't rip your side seam.

Press the hem flat and hand stitch the lining side seam together.

For extra decoration I cut a 2 inch strip of fabric added some bias strips and gathered it through the center.  This piece was 2 times the length of the top section of the Jumper.  I top stiched accross the top.

I decided to use covered buttons.  I used the instructions that came on the back of the button package.  I made button holes for the size button I was using.

I also mad a matching hairbow.

And it made for one cute little/big sister!

Sew Happy,

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Your little girl is so cute! Just love the outfit!


Oh that outfit is great and your daughter is SO cute and wears it well. Nice job!


The ruffles are darling. What a fun Christmas outfit.


Oh my that outfit is adorable. I love ruffle pants!

I am a new follower from the link party at Tea Rose Home.


This is wonderful. I like the choice of fabrics also. Nice job. Linda

Seamingly Smitten

Great fabric and tutorial! I'm so glad you showed how to make it lined. Pulling it through the side seam has always been confusing to me. Great job!


Precious outfit as well as the wearer! Love the ruffles. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!


That turned out super cute! I wanted to let you know I've picked your blog as a recipient for the Stylish Blog Award. You can check it out here--


This outfit is so cute! These fabrics are really fun for Christmas with the splash of pink for little girls! Great job!


Oh how I wish Claire would wear pants. She is strictly a dress girl at the moment and there is no changing her mind. This outfit is ADORABLE!!


The ruffles on both the pants and top add so much. Great job and I love the fabrics! So much that I bought a half-yard bundle before the holidays to make a Christmas quilt with for next year! Miss Heidi Sage is one lucky girl.