Monday, January 31, 2011

Peanut Butter Banana Pizza

My little Clinton loves Peanut Butter.  He asks for a Peanut Butter sandwich for breakfast.  He asks for one his lunch box for school.  And he usually requests one at bedtime.  He's only been eating Peanut Butter for about a year and I'm glad he finally is because it's one of the few forms of protein he'll consume (although he is getting better).

However, I tire of making the same old PB sandwich day after day.  So today I decided to mix it up a bit.  While we were in the midst of one of those horrific trips to the grocery where you have to go even though you have all three kids but you are out of everything in your house you need, I picked up a pack of whole wheat pitas.

I started by heating my oven to 400.  I threw the pita in for a few minutes just to firm/crisp it up a bit.

After it reached the texture I thought Clinton would like, I let it cool for a few.  I then spread a nice layer of Peanut Butter on it.

I sliced up some bananas to resemble pepperonis and spread them around.

I then sprinkled on a few semi-sweet chocolate morsels just to make sure he would eat it.

I finished it off by taking my pizza cutter and slicing her up just like a pizza.

And I had one happy customer on my hands!  And just like a real pizza, he at everything but the outer crust.  Score one for the mommy girl.

Now if your child will eat coconut that would be a good addition...looks a little like the cheese on a real pizza.  I'm sure you could think of other wonderful things your child might find exciting...but try to keep it semi-healthy!  ;-)


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