Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fleece Top and Leggings

When Rex was born I flew up to Tennessee to take care of Clinton and Heidi Sage and help Courtney out for a week.  As I would get the kids dressed each morning I couldn't help but notice that Heidi Sage didn't really have play clothes.  All she had were outfits.  School outfits.  Church outfits.  And social function outfits.  No real play clothes to speak of.

During the warmer months this doesn't matter so much because Courtney lets her kids run around in just their diapers, underwear, or swimsuits.  I'm sure she's the talk of the 'burbs.  :-)  But when it's freezing cold, something warm and cozy is a definite must.

I purchased Heidi Sage a pair of leggings.  Have you noticed I purchased a BUNCH of leggings this year?  And why not?  They're cheap to buy, they come in every color and it leaves you more time to focus on the top.  

I found some purple fleece in my scrap box along with the pink and turquoise knit.  For the top, it needed to be simple because fleece is a little bulky.  When digging through my old patterns I found a very simple shirt pattern.  It was a short sleeve shirt pattern so I laid a long sleeve pattern over the top to lengthen the sleeve.  When doing this you need to not change the shape of the top of the sleeve of your original pattern so it will sew nicely into the arm opening.  

Next, I lengthened the top and added a little fullnes for her hips (diaper) because the pattern was made to just come to the waist.  I wish I had lengthened it a little more so it was more like dress length.  Maybe next time...I'm sure her mother will allow me plenty more opportunities.  

I used a bias strip around the neck and a button for the neck closure.  I added a knit flower applique and Heidi Sage is ready to go.  After each washing Courtney said the top gets softer and softer.

Courtney said Heidi Sage is losing interest in her photo shoots.  :-)  So these were the best pictures we could get.  Not great...but you get the idea!

Making life cute and cozy,

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