Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our First Contest!


In Texas everything is said to be bigger.  True, my kids and I don't live in Texas...but they don't know that.  I overheard my husband telling Clinton the other night that we live in Tennessee, to which Clinton replied, "Nuh-uh, Daddy.  I don't live in Tennessee.  I live in Texas!"

I guess my "roots" show a little more than I thought!  Even one of Clinton's besties, Dalby, has gotten in on it.  Her mother often asks her what she's doing and she replies, "Going to Texas!"  And they're Michigan natives...oopsie.

Anyhow...the "everything is bigger in Texas" and "bigger is better" mottos were never truer for Chelsea and I than when it came to our hair bows!  Take, for example, Chelsea in her 1st grade picture...

And things have been no different for our little Heidi Sage.  She has been known to sport bows of many shades and sizes.  But we know she's not alone!  So, we're having a contest to see what you've got!  Details, you say?  Keep reading...

Post a picture of your little sweetie in her adorable head gear on our FaceBook Wall by Tuesday, January 25th (Chelsea's Birthday!)...and we'll be giving a prize to the best bow (selected by an outside party!).  What kind of prize, you say?  Keep reading...

Our winner will receive a set of the COLD WEATHER BOWS.  Soooooo...get to posting!  See you over on FaceBook!  (Feel free to "Like" us while you're over there!)

Big on Bows,

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