Friday, November 19, 2010

"Gobble" Me Up Quesadillas

My kids crack me up with their differing personalities...especially when it comes to food.  Clinton is picky, unadventurous, and usually lacks an appetite.  Heidi Sage is easily appeased and devours her food.  Even though Clinton eats very little, he's off the charts big.  And while Heidi Sage eats like a horse, she remains tiny and petite.  Go figure.

Anyway, in an effort to help Clinton be more adventurous I try doing fun things with the kids' food.  The easiest thing is using cookie cutters to cut their foods into fun shapes, but this Thanksgiving breakfast/snack is just as easy.

My kids like is too strong of a word for their affections...but they definitely like them.  I often make these for breakfast because the only things they like in them are cheese and scrambled eggs.  I tried putting chicken in them one night and our dog was a very happy pooch that evening.  :-)

I decided to make them more fun the other morning and threw together these little "Turkeys".  I just used what I had on hand, so feel free to be creative with what you have on hand!

For mine I used:
-Candy corn
-Pretzel sticks

First, I made the quesadilla.  I use one tortilla and one slice of American cheese for each kid.  I just fold the tortilla in half and cook it over medium heat in a non-stick skillet.  Here's is where I would add in every healthy thing your child might be willing to consume!  (tomatoes, spinach, turkey bacon, etc.)

Once the quesadilla was cooked, I used a pizza cutter to cut it into "feathers" (wedges).  I placed two pretzel sticks appropriately to create my feet.

I topped it with a circle apple slice which was then adorned with two raisins for eyes and a candy corn for a beak.  Heidi Sage just ate it because she liked it.  Clinton ate it because he thought it was fun to disassemble it piece by piece and tell me what body part he was eating.  He also couldn't believe I gave him a piece of candy for breakfast!

If you come up with something creative for my kids to eat, please post it on our FaceBook wall!  I'm always looking for ideas so that Clinton doesn't starve to death!  :-)

Gobble gobble,

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These are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Chelsy@ Sweet Pea Kisses

To cute! I'm going to make one right now for lunch, if I can find a turkey head! Thanks for sharing.

I have the same problem with my daughter, one thing I do is "Muffin Tin Monday" I found a cute 6 cup silicone one with flowers and butterflys and I just fill them with random foods cut in different shapes.